The Heart of the Matter

The Use of CT imaging technology can accurately identify heart disease risk, allowing doctors and patients to determine an appropriate prevention plan well before an incidence of potentially fatal cardiovascular failure occurs.
A major cardiac event is clear evidence of serious coronary issues. Assuming it isn't fatal, it is treated by re-establishing blood flow and establishing preventative measures going forward.
But, according to cardiologist Dr Warrick Bishop, there is a way to prevent the coronoary event in the first place.
Dr Bishop says CT imaging can reveal with clarity the precise risk an individual has of experiencing heart disease, enabling preventative strategies to be adopted.

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Change is needed – across the spectrum of related interests. This change and the other departures considered throughout this book will be brought about by conversation followed by action.
Many conversations will be had by all manner of people – specialists, GPs, patients and interested onlookers – who will share ideas, explore further and learn from one another. We will listen as well as talk and we will appreciate the difference and the opportunities.
To be transformative, our conversations need to be open-ended, collaborative and reflective, and it will take time. Firstly, though, it needs a catalyst. Hence, this book, your readership and my invitation to you to be part of the conversation.

Warrick Bishop; page 223