Don't be a Ticking Time Bomb

When it comes to people surviving serious heart disease, don't mention the word "miracle" to trail-blazing cardiologist Dr Warrick Bishop.
Its not that he doesn't believe in the word, its just that he thinks such do-or-die situations should be rectified long before the "miracle" stage.
After all, he says, its too late when the only time you learn that a person has a network of clogged arteries and a cholesterol count that's through the roof, is during the post mortem.
Its also a bit late when the patient who suddenly has a  "heart attack" is in the back of an ambulance heading to the Emergency Department.
The straight-talking medic also explains that "heart attack" is not strictly a medical term... he and his fellow specialists refer to a Major Adverse Coronary Event or MACE as describing a full blockage or near-complete blockage of a coronary artery and its consequences.

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I see numerous patients who have a significant family history of premature coronary artery disease. These patients quite reasonably want to know if they are at the same risk.

Dr Warrick Bishop