Charles Woolley '60 Minutes' story

Australia is in the midst of a raging obesity epidemic and as our waistlines get bigger and bigger, so is the incidence of heart disease and the risk of heart attack. Six months ago, reporter Charles Wooley had his own health scare, after heart scans revealed his arteries were clogging up. Charlie was told to lower his cholesterol and cut the carbs. In fact he went one step further – Charlie’s gone Paleo. He’s replaced potato with cauliflower, and beer with red wine. His journey of self-discovery has taken him around the world and back again, including a meeting with the founder of the Paleo diet. So is it all it’s stacked up to be?  You be the judge.

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Typically, individual risk is evaluated using population studies. This presents inherent problems, however, as risk may be low for the population - but 100 per cent for the individual who has the event!

Dr Warrick Bishop